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Rice Process

The by-products of rice are produced during the milling process at different stages activity.

paddyrice process

Rice by Product

  • Paddy Open or Close

    Paddy, sometimes known as rough rice is an un-milled rice with the hulls still attached to the kernels. Paddy therefore will have to go through the necessary milling process before fully milled rice is produced for human consumption.

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    Rice Husk

    Rice husk is the inedible outermost layer of the paddy grain which will be removed during the milling process. Rice husks can be reused as fuel source in power plants, heat generator for boilers and for other non-energy purposes in farming sector, animal feed stuff and the like.


  • Rice Bran Open or Close

    Bran Rice

    Rice Bran is the second layer underneath the husk which has a high nutritive value and contains 10 – 20% of bran oil. Bran is mainly used as ingredient in animal feeds especially ruminants and poultry.


  • Brown Rice Open or Close

    Brown Rice

    Brown rice also known as "hulled" or "unmilled" rice which is produced simply by removing the outermost layer of the grain (husk). The bran layer and germ of the grain remains intact giving the rice a mild, nutty flavor and chewier. It is also claimed as more nutritious than white rice. When cooked, the rice appears fluffy, light and stays separate.  Brown rice is great for making fried rice or it can also be served plain with any kind of healthy side dishes. However, the rice requires longer cooking time because the bran layer forms a barrier for water absorption.


  • White Rice Open or Close

    White Rice

    White rice is also referred to as fully milled rice simply because the outer layer namely husks and bran has been completely removed from the kernel during the milling process. White rice is the most common type of rice being consumed among people around the world.


  • Broken Rice Open or Close

    Broken Rice

    Broken rice are pieces of rice kernels segregated during the milling process which can be classified as big broken and small broken depending on the length of the morsel. Broken rice commonly used to manufacture products such as rice noodles, flour, cosmetics, pet foods and such.


  • Chips Open or Close


    Chips are another by product of the rice produced during the milling process. It is a smaller fragments of the rice that have been removed by the sifter and has a variety of uses including ingredients in rice flour, rice noodles, pet food and to process other ferment products.  

  • Burned Husk Ash Open or Close

    Burned Husk Ash

    Burned husk ash is generated by burning the rice husk. Burned husk ash contains carbon and is therefore black in color.