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ABOUT USNourishing the Nation

Vision & Mission


Our food products are consumed in every household in Malaysia. We are a company deeply committed to nourish the nation better. We do this by providing quality food products that create value for our company, our partners and our customers.


Value creation by increasing market share, introducing new products and acquiring complementary products. It is our goal to be a market leader in Malaysia. We will be market driven focusing on the following areas:

  • Brand Building
  • Product Performance
  • Customer Service

We will gain competitive advantage by leveraging existing strength, resources and developing new competencies. We will be the best-cost producer and distributor.

Corporate Values


  • Improving performances
  • Renewing our understanding of our changing business


  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Probity
  • Corporate governance / transparency


  • Value for customers
  • Leadership for community & environment
  • Teamwork
  • Shared purpose with regulators
  • Value for shareholders

BERNAS is LPN Minus Regulatory Function

regulatory function