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OUR BUSINESSNourishing the Nation


    BERNAS purchases paddy from farmers at 28 Kilang Beras BERNAS nationwide and 50 purchasing centers (Skim Pusat Belian) located at the premises of participating Bumiputra rice mills nationwide. The wide distribution of these procurement centers provide better services to farmers enabling them to sell their paddy without having to travel far.

    Together with the millers under the Bumiputra Rice Millers Scheme, the groups purchase about 800,000 tonnes paddy annually from local farmers.

    There are more than 400 commercial rice mills in the country, out of which 28 are owned and operated by BERNAS. BERNAS rice mills are located mainly in the major granary areas of Kedah, Perlis, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor.

    BERNAS mills around 400,000 metric tonnes paddy annually which gives a total rice output of 270,000 metric tonnes of the total rice produced by all mills in the country. This makes BERNAS the largest rice miller in Malaysia and a major marketing outlet for the farmers’ produce.

    The current rice import policy supports the nation's self-sufficiency policy in that the import volume depends on the production of local rice. To fully meet the rice requirement of the country, BERNAS imports about 30% to 40% of Malaysia's domestic rice demand annually. To protect the local rice farmers, BERNAS’ import volume merely covers the shortfalls of demand after ensuring the local rice production finds its way to the market. BERNAS also imports special rice varieties that cannot be produced locally like basmati and fragrant rice to cater to the various types of culinary tastes of our multi-racial society.

    With its network of rice mills and warehouses strategically located, BERNAS is well placed to effectively perform the role of main rice distributor in the country. Both local and imported rice procured by BERNAS are distributed to licensed wholesalers. Rice is also distributed to consumers and other end users through our subsidiary companies.

    Rice as a strategic commodity with security undertones is to be safeguarded at all times. As part of its privatization agreement with the Government, BERNAS is also responsible to manage and maintain National Rice Stockpile to ensure that the country has sufficient supply of rice at all times. We regard this role as more than an emergency or food security function. It is also a mechanism to stabilize supplies and prices of rice in the country.

    Following the rice crisis of 2008, the Government has increased the national stockpile level from 92,000 metric tonnes to 292,000 metric tonnes at any one time. This move has increased public confidence on food security as well as placed us in a better position to stabilize the market.

    Currently, there are approximately 140,000 registered paddy farmers. As part of its social obligations, BERNAS attempts to provide the best possible aid to them towards the production of good quality paddy, which would ultimately end up as rice for local consumption.

    Through Program Rakan Ladang, BERNAS has ventured into farm management to provide expertise and latest technology on paddy farming in line with the government’s aim to develop the industry. Program Rakan Ladang is a strategic pact between BERNAS, government agencies and farmers in enhancing cooperation in order to increase earnings, market share and paddy production through the use and exposure to the latest technology as well as cooperation between communities in the selected areas.

    One of our expanded responsibilities is to produce quality certified seeds. We have been collaborating with Pertubuhan Peladang Kebangsaan (PPK) and other seed producers to produce certified seeds using the foundation seeds produced by MARDI. Together with 12 other private producers, BERNAS aims to exceed more than 50 percent of the national certified seeds requirement next year.

    BERNAS is responsible for distributing paddy price subsidies to the farmers on behalf of the Government. This scheme is twofold in its objective. It is to enable the paddy to be priced accordingly as to ensure the farmers enjoy a consistently good price for their produce while at the same time shielding the consumers from any abrupt price increases.

    As part of our social obligations to the nation, we ensure that the paddy Guaranteed Minimum Price (GMP) set by the Government is always enforced. As the buyer of last resort, BERNAS buys all paddy delivered, even if it is operating at full capacity. We will ensure that the welfare of our nation’s rice growers is always at heart.

    As part of its privatization agreement with the Government, BERNAS must also ensure the maintenance of the sufficient supply of rice at reasonably fair and stable prices. BERNAS does this by maintaining rice stockpile and acting as a buyer of last resort of paddy at the guaranteed minimum price.

    At BERNAS, we also ensure an equitable market. For example, when world prices soar, local prices are still stable. Also, to protect farmers, we only import rice to make up for deficits in local supply.

    BERNAS has long been a strong proponent of Research and Development in meeting its medium and long term goals for superior paddy and rice quality, yield improvement and technological advancements in processing and distribution. BERNAS current and future initiatives (developmental role) include, among others:

    1) R&D Initiatives with UPM and MARDI.

    2) Social economic with UUM – survey on livelihood of the farmers.

    3) Establishing a rice food laboratory.

    4) Playing a leading role in certified paddy seed production.

    We at BERNAS are constantly reviewing the effectiveness of our Bumiputera programs, to not only assist but transform them into competitive rice millers with greater vision and perspective.

    The Bumiputra Program has never deviated from its traditional role of forging smart partnerships between the Group and Bumiputra Millers and as such, continued support is paramount. To meet this objective, BERNAS funds the entire purchase of paddy stock sourced by these Bumiputra millers whilst simultaneously guaranteeing market shares of their produce at predetermined volumes, quality and price.
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